Seats AI is the fastest way to boost sales and attendance at events.

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AI for Events website

AI for Events

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Seats AI

Online AI for Events

Online Web App

Seats AI works online from your desktop or mobile device.

Android AI for Events

Android App

Seats AI is coming soon as an Android App in the Google Play store.

Mobile AI for Events

iPhone Mobile App

Seats AI will be released as an iPhone mobile app in the App store.

AI for Events

AI for Events 👏

Seats AI helps you leverage AI for events and improve sales and attendance through smart pricing, seat placement optimization and more.

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AI for Tickets

AI for Tickets 👏

Seats AI includes a powerful AI for tickets model that can optimize pricing strategies based on similar events, past performance and more.

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AI for Seats

AI for Seats 👏

Seats AI delivers a powerful AI for Seats platform with end to end optimization of the entire tickets, seating and attendance pipeline.

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